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Skyros, an island to cherish

If you are looking for the true nature of Greece, you want to come to Skyros. Skyros is an island with picturesque bays, beautiful beaches and clear see water. Skyros is home to the splendid capital city of Chora as well as to the 4500 year old archeological site of Palamari. The typical Skyrian horse is one of the rarest horse breeds in the world. Meet the friendly and hospitable local people, enjoy the good way of life with a nice meal in one of the authentic tavernas or with a drink on a terrace in the sun. Skyros has escaped mass tourism, come and surrender to the joys that a Greek island has on offer.


Skyros is inhabited since antiquity. Also the heroes of Greek mythology visited this beautiful island. Achilles, the famous Greek hero, was hidden here by his mother. She hoped to keep him out of the Trojan war, because she knew that this war would lead to his early death. However Ulysses and Nestor used some clever trick to discover him, and Achilles had to join the battle.

During ancient times the island was a colony of Athens, wealthy citizens from Athens liked to come here to enjoy the tranquility, the versatile nature, the beautiful bays and the sea. Also today Skyros remains a popular holiday destination for the Greeks themselves.

Skyros belongs to the Sporades and it is the least touristic island of this archipelago, hence the traditional way of life is well preserved here. There are no international charter flights to Skyros; a few times per week a flight from Athens or Thessaloniki arrives on the island. There is a daily connection by boat from Kymi on the peninsula Evia.

Come to Skyros

“Come to Skyros” is an initiative by two people who are experienced in tourism, and know Skyros very well.

Lefteris was born and raised on the island; he has been active in tourism on Skyros for 30 years.  Marleen is Dutch but lives in Greece for most part of the year. She speaks Greek fluently and has many years experience in guiding visitors in Greece.

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Individual holidays for a fair price

We offer you the possibility to create a holiday program that perfectly fits your individual needs. Make your own choice from the available accommodations and activities like hiking or Greek cooking.  If you want to explore this magnificent island by yourself, you can rent a car. Freely determine the length of your stay, we do neither require a minimum number of nights nor a fixed arrival day. We also offer accommodation in Athens for guests who like to combine their trip to Skyros with a visit to this fascinating city.  

We can offer our holidays for a fair price. As a small organization we are able to keep our costs low, and this cost advantage is passed on to our clients.

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