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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I change/amend my booking and what are the associated costs?
For our amendment policy, please refer to our
terms & conditions.


How can I cancel my booking and what are the associated costs?
For the cancellation policy please refer to our  terms and conditions.


Are the Theme Weeks suitable for children?

The theme weeks are suitable for children from the age of about 14. For younger children we offer a specific holiday, Kids Adventure.

Crisis (economic-)

What is the influence of the economic crisis on Skyros?

On Skyros you will hardly notice anything related to the crisis. Shops and restaurants are open as usual, and ATMs are available to withdraw cash.  

What is the influence of the crisis on Athens?

Due to extensive  media coverage, it sometimes seems as if there are daily protests in Athens, but actually that’s not reality. Protest actions are mainly local and even  a few blocks away, daily life continues its normal course. In the centre of Athens there are no empty shops and the ATMs are functioning normally.


How can I pay for my trip?

After booking you will receive a confirmation and an invoice within 2 working days. You are then required to make a downpayment of 25% of the travel sum within 10 days. The remainder of the travel sum can be settled at your arrival on Skyros. You can also transfer this amount, please make sure that the money  is booked at least 1 week in advance to the account of Come to Skyros.   

How can I pay at arrival on Skyros?

The travel sum can be paid by credit card or in cash (euro).

What are the usual means of payment in Greece?  
In Greece, the most frequently used means of payment is cash. ATMs are readily available if you need to withdraw cash. Also credit cards are accepted at an increasing number of locations.

Physical condition

What level of physical condition is expected for the theme weeks?

An average physical condition is sufficient to participate in the theme weeks, including the walking week. Some walking experience is useful, but not required.  


How safe is Greece for tourist travel?

Greece is still highly placed on the list of safest countries in the world. Statistics show low levels of crime. Common sense requires you to watch your belongings in Athens, like in any other big city.   

How safe is Greece for ladies (traveling alone)?
Greece is very safe for ladies also when they travel alone. Even in Athens it is safe to walk the streets at night.

What will Come to Skyros do in case of social unrest in Athens?
Events will usually be restricted to the Syntagma square, because this is the seat of Parliament.  In such cases, we will avoid this square. If there is turmoil in multiple places in Athens or the centre as a whole, Come to Skyros will take care of substitute accommodation on Evia or Skyros.

Solo Travelers

Are the Theme Weeks suitable for solo travelers?

Absolutely, because of the limited size of our groups you will connect easily with your fellow travelers. To reduce your costs, Come to Skyros offers you the possibility to share a room with another participant of the same sex. Of course it is also possible to book a room for single use. Especially for solo travelers we organize the theme week Singles Only

Target groups

For which target groups is Skyros best suited?

Skyros is suited for each traveler who likes to get acquainted with the true Greece. This includes for example people who like walking, travelers looking for an active holiday, but also people who just want to relax.

For which target groups is Skyros not well suited ?
Skyros is not well suited for people who seek an exciting nightlife. Also amusement like banana boats, parasailing and jet skis have not been introduced yet.

Theme weeks

What is the minimum number of participants to a theme week?
Come to Skyros does not require a minimum number of participants, the theme weeks will always go through.

What is the maximum number of participants to a theme week?

The maximum number of participants to a theme week is 16, for the Kids Adventure the maximum is 21.