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Terms & conditions Come to Skyros


The information on this website has been prepared with the utmost care, however Come to Skyros cannot be held liable for any mistakes in its content.  

The program of the Theme Weeks is subject to change.

Travel sum

All prices on this website are stated in euro.

It is indicated on the website what is included and not included in the price.

Evident errors in the price are not binding upon the travel organiser.

Come to Skyros is entitled to increase the price until 20 days before the day of arrival, on account of changes in the transport costs (including fuel costs), payable taxes, and levies. Come to Skyros will indicate how the increase was calculated. Said changes will also lead to a reduction of theprice unless the costs incurred are such that this cannot be reasonably required from Come to Skyros.


Within two working days, you will receive a confirmation of your booking, together with an invoice.

Because it may happen in rare cases that the availability on the website is not correctly represented, we advise you to wait with booking your flight until you have received the confirmation.

You will  receive the travel documents two weeks before departure.


Come to Skyros requires a deposit of 25% of the travel sum, to be paid within 10 days after reception of the invoice.

If the deposit has not been received within 10 days after reception of the invoice, Come to Skyros has the right to cancel the booking.

The remaining amount can be settled on arrival (by credit card or in cash).

The remaining amount can also be paid by bank transfer, please ensure that the amount is booked on our bank account 1 week in advance.


Only the booking party is allowed to make amendments to the booking.

Amendments must be communicated by email.

A traveller may allow him/herself to be substituted by another person, after consultation with Come to Skyros. This may result in additional charges for the traveller.  

Come to Skyros  has the right to change the agreed service in case of force majeure. In case of such change, Come to Skyros will offer an alternative that is equivalent to the original offer. If the change in question involves one or more substantial points, then the traveler is entitled to reject the change(s). If the change in question involves one or more non-substantial points, then the traveler is only entitled to reject the change if the disadvantage caused to him/her by the change can be deemed to be greater than negligible.

Force Majeure refers to abnormal and unforeseeable circumstances that took place independently of the will of the person invoking such circumstances and the consequences of which could not be avoided despite all precautions.


Only yhe booking party is allowed to cancel the booking.

Cancellations must be communicated by email.

The cancellation charges amount to 25% of the travel sum from reception of confirmation until 1 day before arrival.

The cancellation charges on the day of arrival amount to 100% of the travel sum.  

Charges resulting from a cancellation for a valid reason could be recovered from a cancellation insurance policy


Come to Skyros recommends to close a travel- and cancellation insurance policy.

The traveller him/herself is responsible for having the required travel documents, such as a passport.

Come to Skyros cannot be held liable for services executed by third parties.

Come to Skyros cannot be held liable if you miss a flight, please make sure you have sufficient margin.