Welcome, my name is Marleen

I was born and raised in the Netherlands. Already in my youth I had a great affection for Greece, even though I had never visited the country.

I felt enchanted by its magical sound – this was the place from which Greek mythology originated, where the stories of the Ilias and the Odyssey were set, where the Greek gods lived. During my studies I took a course in art history, and when I studied the Greek period I finally took the opportunity to visit Greece.

How impressed I was by the ancient temples, but also by the friendly people, the delicious local food, the way of life and the pleasant climate.

I fell in love with this country and that passion has never gone away. I lived there for a few years and mastered the language. Also after my return to the Netherlands I continued to be attracted by Greece, and I often visited the country.

On one of such visits I found myself on Skyros. What a fantastic island it was, typical Greek, beautiful bays, a picturesque capital, the impressive archeological sites of Palamari, the diverse natural environment, the forest, the rugged coast. During this holiday I met Lefteris and the idea was born to bundle our forces and help visitors to discover this special island. It took us a few more years to actually execute this plan.

Some years ago I started my work for a well known Dutch tour operator, as a tourist guide in Greece. This is my passion, to let people discover the true Greece, take them to the most beautiful places,  let them meet the Greek people and the Greek way of life.  

In 2012 I decided to follow my heart and realise my plan to jointly with Lefteris organise holiday journeys to Skyros. I gave up my job in the Netherlands to live again in Greece for the larger part of the year. And do what I really enjoy: let people discover the true Greece.  

So I can’t wait to help you discover the true Greece and in particular one of its gems, Skyros!

Marleen Veldhorst